Greg Ramsden

"Ramsden’s artistic career is on fire quite literally. At 27 he won the most accomplished work at the open exhibition of the South West Academy of fine Art. His painting style uses many exciting techniques to create his large works including smoke, fire, electrically driven steel brushes and much more. Ramsden is already well collected within Devon and further afield. His work is big bold and full of life and experience."



Lucy Pratt

"Lucy Pratt may dwell inland, but her irresistible attraction to water, mostly saline, finds her and her motif engaged somewhere on Britain's littoral.

In her last work, apart from a still-life or two and an interior with figures, we travel from Tresco to Devon, to Sussex and over to Wales. I like to feel that with Lucy Pratt's work the location is not over important. Her subject matter composed in the timeless tradition takes us into the universality of teeming life; on a journey of personal observation, through little tongues of path finding paint, flicking out before us."